Monolithic honeycomb structure with bonded face sheet

Friday, September 15, 2017

Monolithic honeycomb structure with bonded face sheet
Many ultra-precision tools include an optical subassembly. Such subassemblies must be mounted to a rigid, flat, damped surface to maintain the positional stability of the optical system. Until now, engineers have had to choose between a machined aluminum plate and a honeycomb optical breadboard. Aluminum plates have the advantage of being machined to precision flatness and parallelism as well has tight tolerances on hole positions. Honeycomb breadboards have the advantage of providing structural damping along with a much higher stiffness-to-weight ratio. 

TMC's latest innovation combines the best of both. Hybrid Honeycomb™ starts as an aluminum plate. The plate is machined to achieve the desired features. The underside is then machined away leaving a monolithic honeycomb pattern to lighten the structure. Then, a bottom skin is epoxied over the honeycomb cells, closing the structure and providing additional damping and stiffness.Ideal for optical subassemblies in photonics tools and applications, Hybrid Honeycomb is an engineered solution that is configured to your unique requirements.

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